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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Brides of Blood 1968

Here it is Young Bloods first ever review! You might be asking yourself “why then didn’t he pick something a bit more classy?” The reason is simple. That is what every other blog would have done, we are different. I want to give a young person’s view on classic horror movies but not just the best, on the obscure as well. I could have started with a review of a great like Quatermass and the Pit (1967 and a personal favourite) or Slasher genre starter Halloween (1978), but I decided to start with a film that I thought need more attention, just like the youths opinion (sounds sad I know, since there are few young classic horror fans to give an opinion!).

Brides of Blood is the first in the “Blood Island” trilogy, called this because of the setting, I don’t know why it’s called a trilogy though since the 1959 picture "Terror is a Man" was set on the same island and made by some of the same people.  Back to the film in hand, made in the Philippines by Hemisphere productions that made the other blood island flicks and such oddities as The Blood Drinkers (1966), this is pure Schlock. Aimed at the drive in and exploitation market it centres on scientist, Dr. Paul Henderson (Kent Taylor), his wife Carla (Beverly hill’s) and a young peace corps officer Jim Farrell (John Ashley). When they arrive on Blood Island they discover that the villagers are sacrificing young virgins to “The Evil One” a monster their ancestors worshipped. However Henderson’s research into radiation levels on the island may have more to do with the monster than anybody thinks...

Part atomic monster movie and part tropical island horror, this contains all the ingredients to make a classic schlock flick including; Dwarves, killer trees, a big green monster and a murderous servant. Despite having all the ingredients the movie fails because it has a huge amount of pointless dialogue that has nothing to do with the plot (if you can call it a plot). Some people have said that because this film was aimed at the "drive in" market the pointless talking is there to create “make out time” which may have led to this film’s success on that particular circuit. When I watched Brides though I watched it ALONE and so what may have been good “make out time” was good sleeping time to me.

That’s the bad points out of the way and now on to the films strengths. For a start it has an amazing monster in the form of the Evil One (you can see a picture of this beasty at the top of the review). It completely suites the picture and it’s a shame it isn’t given more screen time as it is one of the reasons why this film should be better remembered among schlock fans.

Brides is a very fun movie. A lot of things happen that are forgotten about later on but this shouldn’t matter because I realised that I approached this in the wrong way. I approached Brides expecting an epic jungle horror movie, what I got was a thinly plotted film made on a shoestring budget. On my second viewing though I found myself enjoying the movie a lot more, doubtless because I was surfing the web at the boring bits. If you are going to watch Brides of Blood watch it with one eye open like it was meant to be seen, but if you like schlock pictures then it's a must. I said at the beginning I thought that this movie needed more attention and in the B-movie world most defiantly. This is acres above other more famous movies (in B-movie terms anyway) such as Horror of the Blood Monsters (1970). If you like that and other such pictures then you will love this.

GORE: There is one scene but I’m not sure if it counts since most people don’t have their stomachs turned by chopped up mannequins

NUDITY: Several scenes but nothing too bad

OVERALL RATING: 6/10 if you like dodgy horror buy this!

THE DVD: The version I have is the region 2 disc (pictured above) from the cinema club. I have several problems with this release, for a start the rating. I put off buying this for ages because I don’t like a large amount of gore in my horror films. Imagine my surprise that when I finally watched it there was very little gore or sex in this movie at all! It is probably because the DVD Company could not be bothered to do a re-rating so just took the original UK rating and gave it its modern day equivalent. Secondly the print is terrible and so is the sound, at several points I went to turn on subtitles but the disc doesn’t include any! It’s a bare bones disc with only a trailer but at least it’s available as so many films like this are not.

If you are in the states then you have several buying options for this disc. It was released separately twice and also in a box set called the Blood Island Vacation featuring the trilogy and also the Al Adamson movie Brain of Blood.

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