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Thursday, 12 August 2010

A TRIBUTE TO DR TERROR: the BBC's own horror host

Although it may seem unusual, the BBC did at one time have its own horror host, Dr Terror (pictured below). This delightful chap was the host of many a classic horror film in the mid 90’s but sadly has not been seen since then and remains mostly forgotten. If you are one of those people who has forgotten or indeed has never heard of the good doctor, come with me on journey to the latest late night schedules of years ago and discover some more about “Dr Terror”.

Dr Terror first appeared on our screens in 1992 for a BBC2 Halloween all night horror spectacular. In this first appearance he was not known as Dr Terror at all but instead as Dr Walpurgis and he hosted the evening directly after the infamous “Ghost watch” was broadcast. During this evening the Doc would have the privilege of showing for the first time the uncut version of Curse of the Werewolf (1960) which the doctor described as having “extra stalk and slash scenes”. In all his appearances the good Dr was played by the Extras star Guy Henry underneath a gruelling four hour make up that despite restrictions gave the character a personality that suited Henry’s portrayal perfectly.

It turned out that Auntie Beeb was actually pretty pleased with the success of Dr “Walpurgis” that they decided to bring him back for his own weekly series in which he would present a classic horror film. The series was originally titled “Vault of Horror” (In the next series the title was changed to “Dr Terror’s Vault of Horror”) and gave the good Dr a name change from Dr Walpurgis to the much more catchy Dr Terror. The scripts were written by the creator of the character, genre expert and novelist Kim Newman, who also had some appearances in the last series sketches.

The final series went through a radical change not only with name (now “Dr Terror presents”) but in style as well. Instead of just introducing the movies the Doc now had mini sketches based on game shows. In one of the videos included below you can see an example of this, instead of the Re-Generation game we got the De-generation game. These sketches were obviously the labour of a lot of work and it’s sad that the doctor did not return after this series.

Below is a video featuring the Doc introducing various horror movies, enjoy!


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  2. No, not at all- I'm flatered if anything! I don't suppose there's any chance of me seeing this facebook comment?

  3. Wow this is real vintage television, and so badly missed. I just wish i could go back to those times for a few Friday nights when i used to get my mum and dad to record me the horror films on BBC 1 (which i would watch about 7am on the Saturday morning when it was light, and i wasnt so scared!) Dr Terror/Walpurgis, you left a hole in my heart when you vanished from the BBC. Please come back!

    Great blog by the way, i wish some more people would upload intros which they may have recorded back in the day, or maybe the BBC could dig through their archives and upload some of these classic episodes.

  4. Thanks very much! yes I too wish that the BBc would just start a regular horror movie slot late on friday night, it's annoying that they seem to show a film they have the rights to as soon as it's released on DVD. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Careful what you wish for, they were showing Amityville 2: The Possesion on BBC 1 tonight, i took full advantage of that!

    Im new to this blogger thing, did you make that Omen background or did you get it off the site? Not that im looking to copy, i might just try to find something for my profile, and maybe introduce some blogs of my own.

  6. AHH! I hate Amityville 2! nope, when you create a blog there is an option to add a background behind your title I just picked an Omen 2 photo and used that!

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  8. 1992 was a great year for Halloween. I still have the whole night on tape. 8 1/2hrs of pure bliss. Movies, docs & interviews. Such a shame it was never repeated.

  9. Anonymous - if you can you need to upload the linking material to youtube or somewhere!

  10. Is there anywhere I can get a list of all the films shown on this tv series? I remember some but would like to try & see some of the films again.

  11. Leave it with me and I'll do a little bit of research and get back to you :)

  12. I'll save you a job:

    The Mask of Satan
    The Guardian
    From Hell It Came
    The Curse of Frankenstein
    Blood of Dracula
    Horror Express
    The Comedy of Terrors
    Crucible of Terror
    The Beast With Five Fingers
    Twins of Evil
    Terror From the Year 5000
    Blood of the Vampire plus
    I Don't Want to be Born
    The Gate
    I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
    The Haunted House of Horror plus
    House on Haunted Hill
    12/11/93 The Lost Boys
    I Was a Teenage Werewolf
    April Fool's Day
    I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
    Countess Dracula
    Voodoo Woman


    No double bills

    09/09/94: The Fog
    16/09/94: The Ghoul 75
    23/09/94: The Unnameable Returns
    30/09/94: Taste the Blood of Dracula
    07/10/94: A Study in Terror
    14/10/94: Legend of the Werewolf
    28/10/94: Body Parts
    04/11/94: Curse of the Crimson Altar
    11/11/94: The Mummy 59
    18/11/94: The Legacy
    02/12/94: Dr Terror's House of Horrors
    09/12/94: Alligator
    16/12/94: The Serpent and the Rainbow


    27/09/96: The House of Seven Corpses
    04/10/96: The Asphyx
    11/10/96: Devils of Darkness
    18/10/96: The Beast in the Cellar
    25/10/96: A Child For Satan 1991
    01/11/96: Ghost Story 1981
    08/11/96: Dr Giggles
    15/11/96: Phantasm
    29/11/96: Nothing But The Night
    14/12/96: The People Under the Stairs


    1. Thats great, thank you very much for that. I will get searching for these films. Very helpful. Thanks again.

  13. Does anyone have a list of the movies they showed on bbc 2 in his first appearance please? I remember Curse Of the Werewolf and Abott and Costello meet Frankenstein but I would like to try and get the rest. Great blog and amazing memories for me. Cheers fella!

  14. Creepshow
    Curse of the Werewolf
    Death Line
    Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein