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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Halloween Fan Films

I am afraid I must apologise. This was originally to be posted on Halloween but I was out the whole day and had no time at all to finish it. I knew I would have to post it since I had promised the makers of the various films but time has been short over the past weeks and i struggled to finish it. Finally I have it finished and posted .Now when contemplating what to do for Halloween a number of ideas passed through my head. First I decided I wanted to do something connected with the film series (1978-2009), as it is the only real opportunity to do so ( Halloween films in January would be weird, I’ll bet not as weird as in November!). The internet is full of review of the original and it’s sequels that I decided I would have to do something new. Book reviews? No, I only have a copy of Halloween III: Season of the Witch. DVD reviews? Not really fun enough. Then it hit me. Fan Films.
Like many “big” horror franchise’s, Halloween has had many a fan film. To the cheap one’s made by eleven year olds in their back garden, to ones film in a STUDIO (yeh these are big budget). I already mentioned on this blog once that I love fan films and Halloween ones have to be some of my favour rites. Below find a brief selection of some of my favourites and why.

Halloween: H30

This is a rare fan film that acknowledges not only the H: 4, 5 and 6 plotline but also the H20 one as well. This follows the life of Tommy Doyle and the three remaining Strode’s (Kara, Danny and Stephen). It begins in 2005 and young Stephen is now 10 and a killer. Like his father before him he commits a brutal murder and is intutinolised. Only to return years later for his step brother...

You cannot help but wish this was a real part of the series. It brings in a new hero Dr (a Doctor Whitfield) and takes the series back to its roots whilst also continuing the plot of the sequels. Eat H: 30 Dust Halloween: Resurrection (2002). Here’s the trailer and the whole film can be found on you tube.

Halloween: Change of Seasons

Like the above Change of Seasons attempts to take the Halloween series back to roots but at the same time do something more than a remake. COF is the story about a young boy who becomes obsessed with John Carpenters Halloween. He watches the film religiously every day in his room. Then one day he takes his obsession slightly too far and recreates the film’s opening scene. Yes, he kills a girl. After that he recreates his hero’s life...the life of Michael Myers.

Great little fan film that takes the series in a new and fresh direction. Here’s the trailer and like the above this can be found on you tube.

Haddonfield: A Halloween Fan Film

Once again a new and different approach but this time it literally goes back to Halloween night 1978. In this a group of TV reporters follow Michael Myers on his rampage and a new perspective is given on the night he came home.

This to me is quite a dark little film. The Halloween films have never really delved into the effect Michael Myers rampage may have had on the inhabitants of that town so it’s nice to see this view on that topic.

Return of the Sandman

Talk about wow. Definitely an all time fave. It has an epic Michael, it has epic effects, and it has an epic script. The story could be accused of taking it back to the basics but there’s nothing wrong with that as you wouldn’t want a fan film that has nothing at all to do with the movie in question.

Without doubt my favourite part of this fan film is of course Dr Loomis played by Daniel Burnely. Loomis has always been the best character in the franchise to me and introducing a brother for him could be considered a risky move. Getting as good an actor as Burnely to play him however is not. Seek this one out as soon as possible. It is avliable on you tube in ten parts.

Halloween: Homecoming

Another great one here. This is just one of those movies where you know those taking part have studied every second of the original in order to make it not just a fan film but a tribute. You can tell from this trailer that an awful lot of time and money has been put in to make this something extra special and that is exactly what it comes across as.

For a start this movie has ridiculous body count with many characters getting massacred. This should please horror fans as even if they are all not exceptionally gory they are still very brutal. I’ve only managed to find the trailer for this and nothing else, any die hard Halloween fan should get searching now.

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