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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Let Me In (2010)

Now normally I only do one review a month but three reasons led me to posting this review now:

1: I’ll forget all the great things if I don’t post now

2: I posted a review of Hammers first movie this month so why not do their latest one as well?

3: Everybody should see it and it’s already been out a week and two days! (Don’t read on if you haven’t seen it, major spoilers)

Anyway, on with the show! When I first heard Hammer were coming back but were going to do more modern horror movies instead of Gothic horror like they used to. Surely this wouldn’t be anything like Hammer? I realised to night that that was not the point. The man behind the new hammer wanted to give audiences a steady flow of horror just like hammer used to and make the name household again. To do that you can’t always please the fans.

I’m not going to go in to plot as it’s pretty long winded but it involves a friendship between a normal boy and a vampire girl. It’s pretty original though if you’re expecting a Twilight type Vampire movie. For a start although it does concern a romance it has to be the most warped romance ever and it’s more of a friendship anyway. Like Twilight and a lot of modern it makes you pity the Vampire instead of the Hunter but unlike Twilight the Vampire is defiantly not a good person. On the other hand however you can’t really blame her. Whilst it’s not right to kill obviously it’s what she has to do to stay alive (I however would have committed suicide by now if I was in her shoes).

Unlike a lot of Modern horror movies it’s not needlessly gory. It shows what needs to be shown without adding anything gratuitous because what it does show is shocking enough. The attacks are pretty nasty but there all pretty realistic and don’t stretch the imagination just for the purpose of making the film gorier.

The direction was also fantastic. When I heard it was going to be directed by Matt Reeves AKA the Man behind Cloverfield (2008), I was expecting a mess. I hated Cloverfield and wondered whether LMI would be similar in tone and direction. I guess on LMI he’s given bigger creative license since this isn’t a “found footage” movie. Whatever it is though it works, there’s an amazing car crash scene that just works incredibly well and most of the rest of the movie is shot in an orange streetlight kind of colour.

One problem I did have was the script. Some of the lines were absolute howlers and since I was with a couple of mates our immature side took over and we nearly got laughed out the cinema. Don’t worry though this is a minor flaw in a perfect film and doesn’t affect the end result at all. At the climax you will feel depressed and let down by the fact that this time good doesn’t triumph over evil in a Hammer Film. You will be sure however that this film is just as awesome as I said it was.

GORE: quite a bit but not gratuitous

NUDITY: none shown

OVERALL RATING: 8/10 go now!


  1. Dying to see this one! Im glad to see that Hammer is back in action! I hope we see more films from these guys, bring the Hammer name back to its former glory.

  2. film connoisseur: don't be upset that it is very very different to hammers classic gothic style but I would definatly recomended it, a very dark and powerfull piece of horror cinema

  3. Dont worry bout it, I dont expect this movie to be like the old Hammer films, that era of film is long gone! Good thing we can still enjoy them through dvd's though. I love those old Hammer films!