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Sunday, 26 December 2010

She (1965): Perfect Family Film

The Boxing Day movie is tradition in my house. It doesn’t have to be Christmassy and most of the times it isn’t. War or adventure usually being the chosen genres. It’s nearly always a classic something that all generations will enjoy. However it’s hard to pick something when you have horror obsessed teen and younger children in the same family. So it’s pretty hard to pick something everybody can watch and enjoy. Yeh I like watching The Great Escape (1963) for the umpteenth Christmas in a row but it’s hard to really enjoy it when there’s a fresh pile of horror DVD’s begging for attention. One year however I was lucky when this little gold nugget happened to fit mine and the Boxing Day movies bill.

Made in 1965 by Hammer Films it’s the most famous of all the adaptations of H. Rider Haggard’s novel. The novel is of course superior and is in my eyes the greatest book ever written. I have to thank the movie for introducing me to that book and to be fair its only 1% off. It begins just after the First World War in Palestine where three soldiers (who actually enjoyed the war) are bored. One night in a club the group’s leader Major Holly (Peter Cushing) and his unpaid Valet Job (Bernard Cribbins) get into a fight whilst the other member Leo Vincey (John Richardson) has, unbeknownst to them, been kidnapped. He is taken to a building where he meets Billali (Christopher lee) and a beautiful queen called Ayesha (Ursula Andress). There he is given a map and set a quest to find the lost city of Kuma, so the three men set off into the desert unawares of the perils that await them...

Hammer made a few family entertainment films but this one has a little bit for everyone. There’s plenty of action for any young boys in your household, romance for the young girls and plenty of the stars from yester year to satisfy the elder people. The highlight of the movie is the fantastic journey through the desert which manages to start of ffun and adventurous but gradually goes much darker when the men struggle to complete the journey when their water bags are cut.

I have long been a Peter Cushing fan (in my opinion the best of the horror stars) and this if my favourite of all his performances. Holly starts as a wannabe adventure relishing every opportunity to live out his dream of finding some sort of lost city. When he finally does he realises why the city was hidden from the world in the first place and his line, “All my life I've dreamed of finding a city such as this. But now that I have, I'd like to see it destroyed and all it stands for” is haunting and shows that you must be careful what you wish for. Cushing’s role is not all sadness however and along with Cribbins job he is the funniest thing in the film, with many witty and amusing lines (“do I really have to hear about your night time adventures now? I’d much rather hear about them in the morning with a nice cup of tea to steady my nerves”). Cushing and Lee fans will no doubt get a kick out of a scene that seems to have been put in purely for that purpose in which Holly challenges Billali’s motives.

The biggest star in the movie is of course Ursula Andress but she’s the kind of star whose acting talent is debatable. However whoever decided to star her as Ayesha is a genius and despite a few scenes she comes across as power crazed and demented. If you’re a fan of Andresses work then this is an obvious must as it shows her at the top of her game before she was reduced to appearing half naked in such rubbish as Slave Of The Cannibal God (1978)

All round this is a fun, fantastic and rip-roaring adventure for all the family. However I would like to suggest that although the film is rated U in the Britain, a PG rating would suffice more. Several scenes are slightly violent and the ending could be considered frightening to a young child but you see a lot more than this in the average episode of the new series of Doctor Who (2005-)

GORE: nothing more than the average 1960's James Bond movie

NUDITY: brief scene of ursula obviously naked under a bed sheet but you see nothing

OVERALL RATING: underated gem for all the family, 9/10


  1. I think my ultimate boxing day movie is the tongue in cheek James Bond adventure MOONRAKER. SHE is entirely saved by Peter Cushing, imagine the film without him!

  2. coincidently this years choice was the living daylights!