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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

FleshEater (1988)

Now come on you must know Bill Hinzman? No? The graveyard ghoul from Night of the Living Dead (1968)? Ahhh now you know who I mean! Well it seems that this claim to fame was enough for him to launch his own Zombie epic entitled Flesh Eater with him as the main character... and the director.

Now I’m going to begin with one very simple warning. Flesh Eater is a bad movie. A very Bad movie. It begins with a group of kids heading into the woods on Halloween for a campout. Meanwhile a man discovers a strange coffin in the woods, upon opening he finds a corpse. Before he can report his finding to others the corpse springs to life and bites him, launching a zombie outbreak. The teens board themselves up in a farmhouse but the majority are killed whilst two escape and face the terrors of the zombie infected population.

Now if you’re a fan of Night of the Living Dead then you will no doubt love this movie as it’s a big as rip off as they come. The fifth teen or so minutes spent in the farmhouse are basically the events of NOTD shortened down. Even when we leave the farmhouse and you start to expect something a little bit newer and fresher we get scenes of Hill Billy’s marching over fields gunning down zombies. Even the world famous twist from the end is stolen. No fan of NOTD would not relish the chance to see some more of the graveyard ghoul in action, this film in that aspect does not disappoint. He chomps chews and tears his way through most of the cast.

I did say that this was a bad film though and in a way it is. The direction is very flat and boring often giving the film the appearance of a SOV zombie movie. The acting is indeed terrible and perhaps some of the worst I’ve seen in a zombie movie. The films logic is completely of the wall, in one scene a zombie punches through a characters stomach and pulls out what appears to be there....HEART????

The editing also leaves much to be desired in several places it’s blatantly obvious that they used the same dialogue twice in what appears to be an effort to pad out the timing. Also it goes from day to night to day with very little transition it just sort of happens. You will be very glad however when it does go to night as at least this adds some effectiveness to the zombie scenes.

That said however Flesh eater can be considered a so bad its good movie. Yes everything about the way the film is made stinks but it is incredibly enjoyable. If you like you’re zombie movies with plenty of action and zombies munching on things then this is without doubt for you. For any horror soundtrack fans out there then that had to be the best part of the film. It’s an incredibly spooky tune that’s used over and over again burning itself into the viewers mind.

GORE: loads but not more than the average 80's zombie film

NUDITY: yeh tons of that too

OVERALL RATING: 5/10 Because it's so fun but it's so bad, just depends on your tastes


  1. I bought this only a month or so ago, your so right, its a complete rip off. I even heard someone mention that George A Romero was not very impressed with this film, not surprisingly as he was the man that lifted Hinzman to fame, and he goes and does that as a thank you.

    I wouldnt be too hasty to Hinzman though, as i think this film was as you say 'fun' and it kept me entertained. Its films like this that shaped 80s horror for me, plenty of gore and cheese even if some of them were just plain awful!

  2. The thing about most 80's horrors of this nature is no matter how bad they have some entertainment value