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Friday, 25 February 2011

The Fog (2005)

Remakes are generally annoying, so when it’s a remake of a film you personally admire and respect, it’s twice as annoying. I had the above experience with the film I am reviewing now, which is of course a remake of John Carpenter’s original from 1980. Now one could say a good remake (if there is such a thing) is one that keeps the style and tone of the original but presents new ideas and updates the classic tale for a new audience. Now this remake does tick two of those boxes, it presents new ideas and it updates it for a modern audience. However this film has one major flaw, aside from maybe producers Debra Hill and John Carpenter, nobody seems to give a damn about this film or the original.

The plot is simple, sometime in the past the founders of a town killed a group of lepers in order to steal their money/gold to build said town. Now on the centenary of their murder the ghosts of the lepers have returned to take their revenge on the descendants of those who wronged them.

The main reason the original worked so well was because of carpenter’s incredible use of atmosphere, lighting etc, etc. None of this is utilised in the remake and in fact one of my main problems was the films atmosphere. Just a year before this film was released, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed had been released, for those who have seen that particular film but not this on, both have exactly the same atmosphere. In fact at points I was left wondering whether the town sets were exactly the same. I was expecting at any moment to see Scooby Doo and the gang called in to help the investigation!

Another point is that director, Rupert Wainwright, obviously has no idea how to utilise the camera to scare people. One of the most frightening scenes in the original takes place in a hospital morgue when we see the corpse of a man who had his eyes gouged out rise off a slab and make his way towards one of the main characters. We never see his face properly and we always see him from the waist down or out of focus. In the remake Wainwright decides to scrap the fear through atmosphere approach and goes for a full on close up. If the makeup was good enough it may have worked.

Speaking of makeup and effects that’s another thing that sucked with this film. All the ghosts and the fog itself are CGI. Really really crap CGI. Once again if like in the original we never saw the ghosts properly this may have been over looked but in this we can see every detail on their faces. Like the above Wainwright probably thought the sheer ghoulishness of the image would have been enough, if it wasn’t so crap.

Also by reworking it for a modern audience I did not mean turn it into a cheesy teen horror film. Now let’s get one thing straight I am a teen but none of the cast here appealed to me, there all rude and unlikeable. The radio DJ goes on about having her own station all the time but she speaks so much like a tart that you wonder how she keeps the bloody thing running. Why also did someone think that having teens on a boat getting killed compared to fishermen in the original would appeal to any one more? Now a genuinely shocking scene has just been made plain unbelievable. Plus upping the gore? The deaths in the original were scary enough now they’re just plain unbelievable. I mean if the ghosts can manipulate glass to cut someone to shreds why are they even going after people on their own in the first place? Also, rolling the mayor down the road? Rolling the mayor down the road? I couldn’t help but get an image of a child with one of those old fashioned toys where you push the hoop along with the stick.

Also it’s so slow! Oh I give up I could go on all night, if you want to hear more ranting I’ll be happy to send you my notes from this film which basically doubles up as a list of reasons not to watch it.

GORE: Quite a bit but it’s a 15 in the UK so it’s not that bad

NUDITY: Yeh there’s one sex seen but you don’t see much

OVERALL RATING: 1/10 in fact I’m not even sure if it deserves the one


  1. An inexcusable monstrosity...but not the worst of the recent slew of mindless remakes. That dubious honour would surely have to go to the abominated remake of THE WICKER MAN, the original of which is I'm sure a favourite of yours.

  2. Ah shaun you know me well! Yes I agree with you on the horror of that remake because for me that is the problem: the remake is strictly horror. I never thought of the original as an out and out Horror but rather as a strange musical/art film/ mystery hybrid- the remake ditched that and thus ditched any trace of greatness

  3. :P you've made this sound so shit it is quite tempting to watch it just for a laugh :P Although i did sort of enjoy Scooby Doo 2 :S

  4. I love scooby doo 2 but I prefer the original, its not entertaining dont watch it!