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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Petrifying Posters: The Terrornauts (1967)

If a film is so cheaply made that it cannot afford a big brash marketing campaign then it is often up to the movies poster to sell that movie to the public. Sometimes a great poster is forgotten because the film is so bad, or because the movie was forgettable.

Today’s poster is a mixture of both. The Terrornauts is a 1967 amicus science fiction film and an incredibly cheap one at that. It hardly seems deserving of the fantastic poster given to it which is connected to only one scene in the finished film. In fact the film has very little aliens shown on screen and the ones depicted on the poster are basically actors with faces painted green.

Another fact about the Terrornauts is that it is only available on VHS and for anybody thinking of splashing out. Don’t bother it’s not worth it.


  1. One of the few Amicus films I haven't seen, but an impressive poster. I did an Amicus poster gallery on The Celluloid Highway a few months back if you're interested Cal. I think THE TERRORNAUTS was included...I'll go check!

  2. Yeh sounds great I'll definatly be having a look at that! Amicus are sometimes forgotten as a mere Hammer copyat but they made some great films and developed a style all to there own, some great posters as well.

    By the way Im going to try and view Bird with the Crystal Plummage soon as i tracked it down if I manage to I'll post a review mid this month and let you know what I think!