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Friday, 11 February 2011

Silent Night, Bloody Night (1974)

Often forgotten in favour of another Christmas themed slasher from the same year, Bob Clarkes Black Christmas (1974), SNBN is not actually that bad. Its plot is certainly a lot juicier than Black Christmases and the twist was actually a genuine surprise for me. (By the way if you’re going to view this please don’t continue reading)

It begins with a man running out of a house on fire and the viewer is informed that this is Wilfred Butler the owner of the house. Years the later the house is to be sold and the town’s people are desperate to buy it. Soon enough bodies begin turning up and a mystery that spans years begins to rear its ugly head...

It sounds like pretty average stuff but there’s enough twists and turns to keep you interested and every time you think you’ve finally worked out who the murderer is there’s another twist and your kept guessing again. A fact that is presented to begin with as almost nothing to do with the plot later becomes the main part of the story and the reason for the murders.

The film also creates an immensely spooky atmosphere with the house becoming a large black shadow over the lives of every character in the movie and affecting them in its own way. The scene in which a lunatic breaks out of an asylum reminded me of a similar scene in Halloween (1978) and it was amusing to see that despite popular opinion, here is another film that uses killer POV camera angles before Black Christmas (this was filmed in 1972 but released in 1974).

There are of course bad points, for a start this was filmed for the drive in market so the acting is not great to say the least. The victims are not your usual slasher fare but some are fairly pointless so that you don’t care about them at all. It’s great to see John Carradine in something a little bit darker and serious than were used to seeing him in, even if he doesn’t utter a word (his croaky lines were dubbed in afterwards)

My other moan however is not the films fault at all but rather the people who released the DVD, the print is terrible. In almost every review I’ve read someone has a moan somewhere about the print and if the one they watched was as bad as the one I watched then who can blame them? I have no idea what happened to John Carradines character purely because it was too dark and fuzzy to see anything!

GORE: a bit of blood and one particularly nasty scene with a broken glass

NUDITY: not anything gratuitous but a little bit

OVERALL RATING: 6/10 good but personally i prefer Black Christmas, If you like Grindhouse though this is for you


  1. Apparently, all the copies available of this film are in bad condition, so I guess your lucky if you even get to see it. But this is one of those christmas horror films that I have never seen, I need to give it a watch at some point. Thanks for that review!

  2. the film connoisseur: realy? damn it was pretty good as well

  3. For awhile,i have been reading people on the internet. bash John carpenters Halloween for "ripping" off bob clarkes Black xmas. and praising Black xmas as it was the first film to create elements that we have seen in the Great classic Halloween and films that followed.Then i came across this movie years back and saw elements that i have seen in BC and halloween.which put my mind at ease.BLACK XMAS WAS NOT THE FIRST!!! SO LEAVE IT ALONE!!! bob clarke and carpenter created classic films.Halloween being the best.so who cares if they borrowed from other films.every body does that.carpenter crafted a hell of a movie with Halloween..and black xmas isnt the only movie, carpenter was influenced by.He even says, he was influenced by a number of films, when he made Halloween.and i wont be surprised if clarke was inspired by other films when he made black xmas.and whether one likes it or not. Halloween is responcible for making those elements popular and creating the slasher craze. p.s i dont consider Black xmas a slasher film and either does bob clarke

  4. Anonymous: Personally I love Halloween and I know that people bash it for ripping off other films but even if it does it takes what they failed at and makes it better. Clarke apparntley suggested the idea for Halloween to Carpenter or so he Claims.