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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Petrifying Posters: The Exorcist (1973)

To me and fellow horror fans of the same age, The Exorcist has become legend. It’s the kind of movie your parents will always talk about if you mention horror films. So when I finally got the courage to watch it I can’t help but say I was slightly disappointed. It’s a good horror film. It’s a very good horror film and it is very scary. However I can’t help but think it is slightly over rated, no doubt due to its phenomenal special effects that must have been revolutionary. One thing I loved about the film though was it’s incredible cinematography and the lasting images it plants in the viewers mind.

If there ever was a lasting image, it’s the one used on the films poster. In fact it has almost become the calling card for the Exorcist having been used on almost every single DVD release and merchandise related to the movie. I even found an image of a bloke with a tattoo of this on Google! The shot that inspires this iconic image lasts for only a few seconds in the film. They are memorable seconds though. The image convinces the viewer (poster or film) that the priest pictured is about to enter some strange evil world. What’s even more haunting is that this evil world is inside an ordinary house. Though this the poster manages to sum up the film, evil can take refuge anywhere.

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