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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Children Of The Corn (1984)

Like The Amityville Horror (1979) and the Howling (1980) one of the reasons Children Of The Corn is remembered is because of its seemingly endless amount of sequels. Now The Howling and Amityville were pretty good films on their own (well that’s the majority of the opinion I don’t rate Amityville that much). What about Children though? It often seems to be remembered as one of the greats. Now I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a great as it’s not without its problems but it is pretty descent.

Based on Stephen King’s short story Children Of The Corn is the story of a couple that whilst out driving to their new home run over a small boy. It’s soon revealed however that the boy was “already dead when he stumbled out into the road” (fantastically bad line there) from having his throat slit. After a good bit of heading back and forth they stumble across Gatlin a town where the children murdered their parents and now worship some unspeakable beast known only as “He Who Walks behind the Rows”.

To begin with this film has fantastic atmosphere- the deserted Gatlin with its buildings covered in corn really is quite haunting. The scenes where Malakai and some of the other children hunt the hero through the streets are quite disturbing. Something that’s very impressive however is how the scenes of the couple driving around and getting more and more lost can actually be quite spooky when filmed right.

However here is the films biggest Fault- the script. I understand how hard it must be adapting a short story into an eighty or ninety minute long film. However could we of not had maybe a little bit more back story as to why the children kill the adults at the beginning? A sermon by Isaac for example? And then a longer killing spree? Or maybe more of Isaac perhaps? Instead what we get is an old guy’s death getting dragged out for eight or ten minutes, lots of scenes of driving and a couple of scenes of the kids. This means that it’s around about the forty or fifty minute mark when our hero and heroine turn up in Gatlin.

(Malakai-aka fish lips, trust me watch them when he talks)

I mentioned in the paragraph above about maybe a little bit more of Isaac. You see on a lot of lists of top ten horror kids that Isaac always seems to be on their and I honestly don’t see why, he gets like five minutes in the whole film! There was even a sequel called Children of the Corn 666: Isaacs Return! However I enjoyed immensely the little power battle between Isaac and Malakai, a clever little plot device that allowed us to see the weak side of Isaac (I don’t know about you but his girly scream at the end was actually quite haunting). I can’t of course do a little paragraph about the villains without mentioned “He Who Walks behind the Rows”- do you know what made him so cool? You never actually get to see it. The only evidence of the monster you see is something moving under the ground a large orangey pinky cloud. Nothing more nothing less- it makes the imagination run wild.

Another good thing was the music, some of it was your typical 1980’s horror soundtrack but add some spooky almost satanic chanting and child singing and you have yourself a killer score. All in all it’s a pretty good film but somehow it doesn’t live fully to its reputation because of some an amount of padding. If you love Killer kid flicks though and you don’t mind some scenes that are overly long- you may enjoy this.

Gore:  Nothing graphic, quite a bit of blood but not too much

Nudity: None

Overall Rating: Not the great it's remembered as but still a solid Killer Kid movie, 7/10

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