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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Children Of The Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1992)

Yes this movie is terrible. Yes the plot is incoherent. Yes it’s got all the hall marks of a bad 1990’s B-movie. So why then, is it so bloody enjoyable? For entertainment levels alone this film succeeds the original eighty four Children of the Corn that I reviewed the other week. Personally though I think it’s unfair to compare the two however as they are both of a completely different style. The original went for a dark and sinister look, concentrating on building atmosphere. COTC2 goes for lots of action, dark comedy- it’s like a spoof not a sequel! I often think that the producers realised that they couldn’t compete with the original without simply making it a rehash so they decided to just have as much fun as possible.

The film begins after the events of the first movie and the horrific murders of the adults of Gatlin have been discovered. The children of Gatlin are being sent to the nearby town of Hemingford where they are going to stay with some of the residents until a permanent home can be found. Meanwhile a reporter (Terrance Knox) and his son, Danny (Paul Scherrer) stay at a bed and breakfast run by Angela (Rosalind Allen) who is looking after Micah (Ryan Bollman). That night Micah when looking for the other Gatlin children in the corn becomes possessed by He Who Walks Behind The Rows and the nightmare begins again...

That’s the majority of the story but I can’t really say much more without ruining the film or just confusing everybody. You see like the original this films main problem is the script, halfway through some stupid sub plot about the corn being infected with a toxin and the towns people covering it up comes in. Two characters then go onto suggest that it is this toxin that is making the children go crazy- which we know it isn’t because we see he who walks behind the rows (I think it’s one of those movies where the audience can make their own mind up as to whether the kids imagine the demon or whether it’s really there). Part of the kids plan is then to punish the adults for poisoning the corn, this isn’t explained very well however and isn’t a necessary sub plot. Why can’t we have more of Micah and the kids?

Speaking of Micah- Mr Bollman’s performance and story help give the film the serious edge it’s so desperately needed and helps balance the humour and the horror. Considering he only has about two minutes of screen time when he isn’t possessed he manages to present an entirely different character to the one we see for the rest of the film. This Micah is shy, secretive and quiet. The possessed Micah is controlling, snide and without doubt is the creepiest thing in the film. The two performances together as one character work incredibly well and when Micah talks about his father we can see a haunted soul abused by his father and now by He Who Walks Behind The Rows. Bollman’s crowning moment however comes in the film’s final few scenes, where about to meet certain doom he begs Danny to save him. Sadly Bollman’s entire performance is ruined by one scene. Towards the end, Micah lifts a knife up into the air and screams- only the director or producer or someone decided that the scream should last for about twenty seconds. It’s ridiculous and embarrassing but adds to the whole cheese factor.

I mentioned in my opening paragraph about this film having some black comedy in it that helps add to its whole “Bad Movie” image. Some of this is through the lines (“its fun to play at night” is my favourite) but a lot of it is through the death scenes. It’s great though because you can tell the cast had a lot of fun whilst filming. Look at the bit where the old lady in the wheel chair gets knocked through the window of a bingo hall only for someone to stand up and shout-“Bingo!”. Take a look at the bingo shouter’s face just after he has uttered the line- he’s trying to stop himself from laughing!

Another fantastic part of the film- that personally I don’t think is given as much credit as it deserves is the score by Daniel Licht. I said in my last review about how good the music for the first one was and for a cheap sequel like this I was expecting it to be just a recycled one from the first film. No, this score is completely different and believe it or not-better. The majority of it is chanting and the music for the church scene reminded me heavily of Goldsmiths Omen scores. It’s not a rip-off though, listen to main theme and trust me be prepared for a pleasant surprise.

With its recent release in America I hope that the negative opinion of this film will drop and people will appreciate it for what it is. There’s been a whole lots of horror movie sequels that are more well known but don’t deserve to be. It’s no classic but it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Go on treat yourself.

Gore: Yeh some pretty violent deaths a  big step up from the original

Nudity: One pretty explicit sex scene...

Overall rating: 7/10 yup, same as the original- as already stated just as enjoyable

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