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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Jason X (2001)

Oh dear. If there ever was a franchise that ran itself dry it has to be Friday The 13th. The originals whilst some of the best slashers to come out of the 1980’s didn’t really give much for various sequels to expand on. So later on in the franchise we ended up getting more and more equally ridiculous ideas. These included psychic powers (Friday The 13th part VII: The New Blood), taking Jason to the city (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan), having his spirit jump from body to body (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday) and then this little number. Sadly the filmmakers did not seem to realise that the reason the originals were the best were because they stuck to a formulae by not bringing in such ridiculous gimmicks. They could still of had the same sort of movies just added more character if they wanted to expand the stories (although I can’t think of anyone who would watch a Friday the 13th film for the story). Perhaps turn Tommy Jarvis into a Loomis type character?

Now Jason X, the tenth film in the series is without doubt one of the most stupid. It does have some redeeming factors but not many and it’s difficult to recommend. The plot is simple. The year is 2010 and at the Crystal Lake research facility subject Jason Voorhees is awaiting cryogenic suspension. After some evil government people interfere there’s an accident and while attempting to freeze Jason a hot young scientist gets caught in the cryo chamber with him. Four hundred years later a group of students visiting “Old Earth” with their professor find both the scientist and Mr Voorhees’s and take them aboard their ship. Jason is of course released and various mayhem takes place.

The problem with this Friday The 13th entry is it’s too cheesy. It’s just ridiculous. I mean yeh a cyborg Jason is kind of cool, but when you think back to the original Fridays it just doesn’t work. Jason has become a laughing stock! Worst is when Jason is killed by a female android that looks like something right out of the Resident Evil films. It just looked so cheap as well, imagine Ridley Scotts Alien if it was made to go on the Sci-fi channel- yeh that cheap.
Surprisingly there were in fact two scenes in the whole film I liked. One of those was the scene with the fake Camp Crystal lake. The thing I particularly liked about this scene was how it managed to be a bit of a spoof of the more traditional Friday the 13th films. When Jason X arrives at the fake Crystal Lake two teen girls ask him if he wants to A) smoke pot or B) have sex. It’s no real secret that in the Friday the 13th films that’s all the majority of the teens want to do.

The other scene I enjoyed was right back at the beginning of the film. In this sequence our main heroine scientist is battling Jason trying to put him in suspended animation. She succeeds but due to some help from Jason manages to get shut in there to. There is a real cruel irony to this scene. The music has a distinctively nasty quality to it and when we see various doors shut as the base go into lock down, we know that there is no escape. The scene fades out as the emergency sirens still blare.

Sadly there is very little to recommend this film. Most people like there Fridays because of the kill scenes and whilst admittedly there are some cool ones but they are outnumbered by ones that just do not work. If you want to see a more recent Jason film that works then I recommend the remake/reboot from 2009. It gives it a modern feel but also sticks to the traditional Friday themes. It’s set at a camp, teens are his victims and there are some decent none to ridiculous kill scenes

Gore: Yeh quite a lot, one or two very nasty deaths

Nudity; yeh tons of that to

Overall Rating; 3/10- for slasher fans and Jason Lovers only

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