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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Holocaust 2000: Michael Robson

To start with I will warn that there a probably some spoilers in this review. I honestly do not know whether the film Holocaust 2000 came before the book, however since the film was released in 1977 and my copy of the book states that it was first published in ’78 I can assume that the film came first. I do know that the book was published twice, once with a film tie in cover and secondly with a different cover that only alludes to film by stating “also a nerve twisting film starring Kirk Douglas”. The film, one of the infamous “spaghetti rip-offs” of the 1970’s, attempted to cash in on the success of The Omen (I’ve gone on about it enough you should know every detail about this film now but if you don’t it’s from 1976). The cover of the novel seems to acknowledge this by stating “more ominous than the omen”. The book addresses similar themes and issues but I found it to be more of a political thriller than a religious horror.
The blurb states; The construction of a huge thermonuclear plan in a small Arab state was Robert Caine’s most dearly cherishes ambition. But even he was appalled at the state of bizarre and bloody deaths that plagued every step of the project. It began to look as though supernatural forces were warning Robert off the scheme. But it took a catholic Priest to show him the full implications of his plan- implications too horrific for the human mind to bear...

Now there are many religious plot threads in the book, but the religious horror side and Political thriller side never join together as they did in The Omen. It is never fully stated that the antichrist is at work and half the time you forget that he is. This is no doubt due several plot holes that occur near the end of the book. If supernatural forces have been able to kill off everyone else connected to the project then why does the anti-Christ (I assume that is what he is) have to plant a bomb himself in an attempt to kill Robert? Speaking of the bomb I’m pretty sure that the film has no bomb planted at all and instead had Robert die in a plane crash. There’s also a “twist” that really isn’t a twist at all as the reader will no doubt have worked it out as soon as the priest mentions the second son.

The book is written in a very similar style to The Omen and anybody who read and enjoyed that is no doubt going to do same here. The writing style however is not anything to scream about and the film is without doubt a “pulp” novel. If you have read and enjoyed all the omen books however and want something more, it’s a descent enough book to pass the time.

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