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Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Incredible Melting Man (1977)

For any lovers of 1970’s B movies, this film is a definite must. Requested by Lenny of Dancing with Architecture, The Incredible Melting Man is like three different slices of cake together on the same plate. The first is a very cheesy cheesecake, the second is a bland and boring sponge and the third is a strong incredibly dark and rich-chocolate cake. In case my rather ridiculous metaphor is confusing to some; the first part of the film is pure 1970’s nonsense, the middle a little bit boring and the ending is bleak and fantastically dark. I will try something a little bit different and work the review through each section.

To begin with however a brief story breakdown: Steve West is the only survivor of the first manned mission to Saturn. When he returns however it is discovered that this has had some rather interesting side affects- trust me fellow teens, if you thought acne was bad you need to watch this! You see Mr West likes to melt and in order to keep his body cells going he has to steal other peoples. It’s up to Doctor Ted Nelson to save the day!

Without a doubt the opening section of the movie (before night falls) is the most entertaining and will delight all you bad movie fans out there. In this part we get to see our melting hero chase an overly large nurse (who really should have worn a sports bra), we get to see several random shots of a head travelling down a river before it goes over a waterfall and splats on the rocks below. However my personal favourite part (purely for amusement value-nothing else!) from this section was when we have a topless girl screaming and the camera quickly slips down from her face to cover her “ampleness”. This part of the film will delight the cheese fans the most: you get gratuitous nude shots, gore and violence and a wonderfully sick scene of a little girl wiping her hand in a melted bit of old Steve.

Sadly as night falls-so does the entertainment value. The film becomes rather boring and dull and I suspect that a lot of scenes were only in to fill up the running time. The nudity and gore is cut down severely during this section so for any horror fans that like your films chock full of this stuff you will be disappointed. There is one rather effective scene of a couple coming home and being preyed on by the melting man which surprisingly is rather effective. However the majority of this part is just a lot of running around and even more shots of Mr Melt just moping in graveyards and what not, effective before but starting to appear repetitive.

Now we come to my favourite and without doubt the most effective part of the film, the finale. Our hero’s finally manage to track the melting man down to a factory or power station or something where a powerful chase and a genuinely surprising twist ending take place. The action really picks up here and there’s a genuinely cool death where a man is thrown over a railing and lands on some power lines, in shocktastic glory! However the real draw to the conclusion of the film is the ending. Now if you haven’t seen the film, stop reading now because I am going to spoil. Since the film seems similar to many 1950’s sci-fi monster flicks, I was expecting the Melting Man to die saving Ted Nelson or something. However I was incredibly surprised when two security guards turn up and shoot Ted Nelson (however I was amused that this man who has the constant urge to tell everyone his name- had the last words of “I’M DOCTOR TED NELSON!”) The melting man then kills them before going off to finally turn into what resembles the bi product of mixing chicken and tomato soup and then as dawn breaks were from a radio that another mission has been sent to Saturn. The melting man is brushed up and put in a bin- wow, depressing much!

This is in no way a great film- but it is fun. If you can get over the boring middle section then whilst no being rewarding in any way it is a great way to spend ninety minutes or so.


  1. I watched this on the horror channel a few months back. Its a great, if your a B movie fan like you say.

    Have you seen a film called Death Line?

    I'm planing on watching it tomorrow night as i recorded it last week. Its set on the London underground.
    I believe it has Christopher Lee and Donald Pleasance starring, but don't quote me. I will take a look later.

    Keep the blogs coming though, its great stuff!

    Oh and by the way, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for any additional information on Dr Terror. I dont know if it was you who said in a previous blog, but he is in Holby City now!

    1. Sorry for the late reply! As you may have noticed I have not been on here for some time it's been a difficult period for me, sorry again. Yes I think I have seen that! a very long time ago though, need to check it out again. Wow I didn't know he was in holby city!
      Thanks for your kind comments i hope to get some new stuff up when i can :)