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Friday, 26 July 2013

Brighton Rock (1947)

Being a Brit, I am not ashamed to admit my love and adoration for our rich cinematic past. From Thrillers, to Comedies, to Horror and Science Fiction movies (as regular readers may be able to tell my personal favourite sub genre in British film) British movies have conquered each genre with their own unique feel and style. This adaption of Brighton Rock is quite simply one of the most famous British Movies of all time, one of the great classics. One doesn’t really have to wonder why, it’s a great movie with a great performance by a young Richard Attenborough, superb direction and visuals and most of all a fantastic and disturbing story that is still relevant today. So in short, it’s bloody brilliant.

Friday, 19 July 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man #17: Return of the Green Goblin

When I recently re-discovered my childhood love for Comic Books there was no more obvious place for me to start than this particular issue. As a child there was only one superhero that really interested me and that of course was The Amazing Spiderman, however the characters that captured my fascination even more so than the titular hero were of course the Villains. Particularly the two Goblins, The Green Goblin and The Hobgoblin. Although originally I only knew of the Hobgoblin (mainly due to repeats of the 90’s cartoon series) when I discovered the Green Goblin I became equally as obsessed, particularly due to the wealth of material available on this Goblin as oppose to his orange counterpart. Being only 8 or 9 I wasn’t in the position to spend great amounts of money on Graphic Novels and so had to settle for the cheaper ‘Marvel Pocket Books’ and Issues of The Astonishing Spiderman. Now for those across the water unfamiliar with that title, we in the UK have two ways of purchasing our Comic Books. One is to go to your local Comic Shop which will have the issues shipped in; however this is sometimes problematic as not everyone has a local Comic Shop. So most News Agents stock titles such as The Astonishing Spiderman, which (when I was a kid anyway) was published monthly and collected the Spiderman titles published in the previous month and collected them together.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Change and Not a Moment Too Soon!

A bit of a premature post I know but this is just a little note to let you know of the plans I have for my little corner of Cyber-Space which hopefully with any luck will be in place by either this or next Friday evening! So basically it was not that long ago that after realising the restrictions placed upon me by my blog simply being for Horror Movies that I did a bit of a revamp and instead widened the boundaries to “Cult Movies”. However as much as I hated to admit it to myself, I was still slightly bored. You see I don’t just love Cult Movies and Doctor Who, I have lots of interests (although admittedly most are as nerdy as the last!). I am an avid reader, being a huge fan of John Wyndham, I adore Superhero’s and have recently re-discovered my childhood love for Comics (or as I believe they are known across the water, Comic Books) picking up a few Trade Paperbacks and immersing myself in the stories I missed as a child, a journey I would love to share. I’ve also found myself with an increasing desire to step away from just doing reviews and write more articles on things that interest me, characters in fiction, my thoughts on various topics, perhaps even some of my own fiction or just little bits about my life in general?. In short as you can probably guess my wish is to make this a much more personal site, to step away from simply doing reviews and to make it my own. I’ll continue with the ‘Doctor Who at 50’ posts every Three Weeks and don’t threat! I’ll still be reviewing plenty of Cult Movies indeed they’ll still be the dominating presence, I’ve just decided to grant myself total freedom. Thanks for reading and I hope you support this rather drastic decision!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Scream and Scream Again (1970)

Like the “Composites” featured in the plot, this movie is something of a Frankenstein’s Monster. A campy hodgepodge of several separate plots that when combined make absolutely no sense at all, Scream and Scream Again is admittedly something of a disappointment. Now if you know sod all about this British horror aside from the fact that it features Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing then you are probably wondering how that can be. Well let me get the most infamous fact about Scream and Scream Again out of the way first. The three actors share no scenes together and all their screen time combined probably only counts for about 20 minutes of the finished film. However if you can get over that fact and let go of your brain before viewing, there is some enjoyment to be found.