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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Change and Not a Moment Too Soon!

A bit of a premature post I know but this is just a little note to let you know of the plans I have for my little corner of Cyber-Space which hopefully with any luck will be in place by either this or next Friday evening! So basically it was not that long ago that after realising the restrictions placed upon me by my blog simply being for Horror Movies that I did a bit of a revamp and instead widened the boundaries to “Cult Movies”. However as much as I hated to admit it to myself, I was still slightly bored. You see I don’t just love Cult Movies and Doctor Who, I have lots of interests (although admittedly most are as nerdy as the last!). I am an avid reader, being a huge fan of John Wyndham, I adore Superhero’s and have recently re-discovered my childhood love for Comics (or as I believe they are known across the water, Comic Books) picking up a few Trade Paperbacks and immersing myself in the stories I missed as a child, a journey I would love to share. I’ve also found myself with an increasing desire to step away from just doing reviews and write more articles on things that interest me, characters in fiction, my thoughts on various topics, perhaps even some of my own fiction or just little bits about my life in general?. In short as you can probably guess my wish is to make this a much more personal site, to step away from simply doing reviews and to make it my own. I’ll continue with the ‘Doctor Who at 50’ posts every Three Weeks and don’t threat! I’ll still be reviewing plenty of Cult Movies indeed they’ll still be the dominating presence, I’ve just decided to grant myself total freedom. Thanks for reading and I hope you support this rather drastic decision!


  1. Hello Cal
    Your new, or renewed, venture sounds great - I'm looking forward to it. And John Wyndham, too, one of my favourite authors - The Chrysalids is just about my number one book ever, and, maybe, the best story never to have been made into a film, in my opinion. It surely ought to be doable, especially in this CGI-dominated era.

    Best wishes
    Sammy B

  2. Thank you Sammy that means a lot :)
    Callum :)
    Ps: I'm not sure if you are aware but there is a rather excellent Radio version starring Nicholas Courtney (aka the Brigadier from Doctor Who).