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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Blackout (TV 2013)

Broadcast this Monday, ‘Blackout’ was an innovative feature length fictional ‘Docu-Drama’, that followed several characters stories as they attempted to cope in a Britain without power. Now personally I believe that in recent years Channel 4 has proved themselves to be the masters of Hard Hitting Drama on British Television, with great Shows like Utopia and Black Mirror already under their belt I had high hopes for Blackout. Now I feel bad saying that to a certain extent I was disappointed because ‘Blackout’ truly was phenomenal, it was well made, the characters were interesting and it’s use of the POV or ‘Found Footage’ style of filming was interesting. Sadly though it was just too depressing, I know it’s supposed to be hard hitting but I feel ‘Blackout’ might of done better as a film production rather than a Tv Drama. I found ‘Blackout’ extremely uncomfortable to watch, seeing characters put through horrific situations and then being giving facts about how this could really happen. As a film shown at film festivals I think it could be a Masterpiece, but as prime time viewing I think it was just too upsetting. It may be an odd opinion but it’s how I felt.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Texas Chainsaw (2013)

I think that as much as Texas Chainsaw tried to do something new with an old franchise, I would not be the first to say that despite good intentions, it kind of sucked. The filmmakers clearly had the intention of turning Leatherface into something of an anti-hero, an unusual and original idea, yet and extremely difficult one to achieve. Sadly I agree with the majority that the attempt here is sloppy, lazy and comes off as just tasteless. Indeed whilst the first half of the movie played as just a standard slasher flick and didn’t really bring anything new to the table, I found that to be a great deal more watchable than the nonsense that was able to pass as a second half. You can’t show someone as this horrific deranged murderer and then suddenly try and make an audience feel pity for him, particularly when what the so called ‘villains’ did to him is nothing in comparison to what he did to his victims. Now please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t hate this film, it was enjoyable to watch and it was indeed different to others in the series. The filmmakers clearly have a lot of love for the original and I respect that, indeed the references were a great joy to see. However, basic plot flaws and sloppy film making stand out- not to mention the reliance on almost every Horror cliché in the book, resulting in a film that appears as a mess. An enjoyable mess, but still a mess.