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Monday, 24 February 2014

Doctor Who: The Web of Fear (Recently Recovered Missing Episode- DVD Release)

I admit that I was rather fortunate when it came to the recent discoveries of Missing Episodes, in that both of the stories discovered (This and ‘Enemy of the World which I reviewed here) happened to be at the very top of my own personal ‘Most Wanted’ list.  I confess however that if I could have chosen any story to be recovered ‘Web of Fear’ would have been first choice every time and I was not alone in my belief that this story was the ‘Holy Grail’ of missing Doctor Who (usually being in the Top 5 of ‘Most Wanted Missing Stories’ Polls). So like ‘Enemy of the World’ this story had some pretty big expectations to live up to and perhaps has more of hard time doing so since the majority of its story takes place in one setting, the tunnels of the London underground, and is a much more ‘talky piece’ where as its predecessor switched from place to place with ease and had some very impressive action sequences. Having Pre-Ordered the DVD it arrived slightly ahead of time and so last night I tentatively put it in the player and sat down wondering whether I was going to end this night with an air of disappointment or praising one of the all time greats of Doctor Who....