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Friday, 19 December 2014

The Old Dark House (1932)

Something of a flop on its initial American release (although doing somewhat better here in Britain, supposedly breaking House records at the Capital Theatre in London), time has been kind to The Old Dark House, having since become something of a classic for fans of Gothic Horror Cinema, not to mention a rediscovered Gem for lovers of the work of James Whale. It’s rather sad then that after its pathetic box office takings it spent the next Thirty to Forty years sat  forgotten on a shelf in the Universal Vault, gathering dust and unseen by anyone, considered a lost film despite its phenomenal UK takings. Perhaps spurred on by its continued British reputation as a classic, Hammer and William Castle in 1963 chose to remake the film leading to even more interest in the forgotten original. Eventually in 1968 Curtis Harrington was able to track the negative down and convinced Kodak to attempt a restoration- causing an immediate revaluation. Almost fifty years since it’s rediscovery it’s a reputation that still persists amongst horror fans and is often hailed as the best of its type giving birth to an entire sub genre of horror entitled ‘Old Dark House’ Movies. Despite all that though, personally I think it’s important for another reason- it’s one of the first Horror Comedies and even after all this time it somehow manages to be one of the few to get the balance just right.