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Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Sacrament (2014)

As far as last year’s horror offerings went, I regret to state that I let the side down a little in how many I get to see and exactly what it was I got to see. I saw the big budget monster movie letdown that was Godzilla and the decent but flawed Quiet Ones however smaller indipendant projects slipped very easily under my radar and perhaps due to a desire to catch up on a few Classic Movies, I missed out. Happily though, now we’re into February of 2015 there’s a ton of excellent ‘Best Horror’s of 2014’ Videos on You Tube which make an excellent ‘must see’ guide for last year, should you too have missed out. One which particularly caught my eye was ‘The Sacrament’. I’ve always been a sucker for movies about Cults but not really having read up on the film at all I suppose I suspected the film to have more of a supernatural element than it did. What I got, whilst admittedly unexpected, was bloody brilliant. Brutal, unnerving and truly terrifying in the most disturbing of senses- the Sacrament is an extremely good start on my journey through 2014's Horror flicks. One word of warning though- if you are intrigued, stop reading and go watch as I will be discussing the ins and outs of the film in some depth. Don't even hesitate just go now, you won't regret it.