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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Edge of Darkness (TV 1985)

More often than not when an individual begins to watch, read or even listen to a piece of entertainment that has achieved mass acclaim and approval, it’s difficult for expectations to be met. When I sat down to watch ‘Edge of Darkness’, I knew that it had won Six Bata’s and was nominated for a further five, that the BFI had called it the fifteenth greatest British Television Programme, that the Radio Times had claimed it was one of the top 40 TV programmes and that Channel 4 had named it the third best TV Drama Ever. Naturally then I expected a lot from what is essentially a six episode mini-series capitalising on the fears and paranoia of Thatcher’s Britain, a period in which I have only textbook knowledge, not having been alive to experience it myself. The fact that it lived up to my expectations and gripped me to the point that I had to marathon the whole thing in one day shows that unlike a great deal of BBC productions of the time it still stands up as a tense, dark and intelligent thriller. Indeed aside from perhaps one of the best things the BBC has ever made, I think it’s one of the best things my eyeballs have ever had the pleasure to witness. 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Sarah Jane Smith: Series 1 (Big Finish Audio Drama)

I think the popularity of Sarah Jane Smith and Elizabeth Sladen’s portrayal of her can be seen in the amount of times she’s appeared in her own solo adventures. Of course there was the 1981 ‘K9 and Company’- a pilot for a TV series, but one that failed to capture the public’s imagination. Then with the revived series in 2005 she featured in several episodes with David Tennants Doctor before being given her own spin-off, the CBBC show ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’. One other spin-off Sarah Jane received however is not perhaps as well remembered and certainly is not as mainstream, indeed in the years since Sladens passing this odd little audio series has passed almost into obscurity. I’m speaking of course about Big Finish’s range of audio’s dedicated to the character, Big Finish being well known for their Doctor Who audio drama’s as well as those featuring beloved cult TV characters such as; The Avengers, Terrahawks and upcoming Prisoner audio series. The Sarah Jane Smith audio series was released between 2002 and 2006, it comprises of two series and nine audio dramas in total, picking up her story post The Hand of Fear (her final Doctor Who story) and the events of K9 and Company. However those familiar with the lighthearted Russell T Davies spin off best be warned- this is a very different beast....