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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Animal (2014)

‘Chiller Films’, is the film production out-put of the US Horror Channel ‘Chiller’, films produced for Theatrical and Video on Demand release, but followed by an exclusive premiere on the channel itself.  As far as I can tell they’ve been producing  films from 2011 onwards for Television Broadcast only but these new Theatrical Ventures seem to have gained a great deal more attention. It’s understandable too, looking at the slim collection of titles, it’s almost as if they’ve been assembled to appeal to your average horror-fan. There’s ‘Deep in The Darkness’ (2014), an adaption of a novel that sounds like someone took the Morlocks from HG Welles ‘The Time Machine’ and stuck them in a small American town  (from the images I’ve seen online the creatures even look similar to those from the 1960 movie Adaption). Then there’s the Monkeys Paw, a story which every Horror Fan knows and loves. And finally the film I’m discussing today- ‘Animal’, a throwback ‘Cabin-In-The-Woods’ type film which seems to have been the most well received and most well known of all their efforts. However when looking at the critical reception to a lot of their output one has to wonder if that’s saying much.